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Our President & CEO, Paul Atkinson, was recently quoted in the New York Times!
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The Strength Of The Past

An oak sapling springs from the earth. It is a small fragment in a landscape of discovery. Slowly, it grows as colonies are formed and a revolution is won. After hundreds of years, this towering oak is taken from the land to provide the structure for a new age of industry. A nation rises to new heights of productivity. As more decades pass, this door eventually closes, but the oak remains strong. Many wood species and other natural treasures remain locked inside mills and barns across this country, waiting to be found.

At Southend Reclaimed, our mission is to rediscover the old growth wood and antique brick hidden in pre-1920 structures and reclaim them for a new generation. Since 2001, we have become a national leader in procuring quality reclaimed wood in a variety of species, such as antique heart pine, wormy chestnut, antique oak, and other various types of barn boards and beams for use in new residential and commercial construction.

This wood represents a part of history and tells a story that spans hundreds of years. Our reverence for these materials is second only to the respect we have for our customers.

Integrity is ingrained in every action we take. We believe in what we do, and we believe no one can do it better.

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