Antique Heart Pine From A Century Ago

Antique Heart Pine From A Century Ago

Fairfax Mill – Valley, Alabama
Materials Reclaimed From This Site Include:
  • 3.5″ x 6-8″ Antique Heart Pine Decking
  • 13″ x 17″ x 25″ Antique Heart Pine Beams
  • Antique Brick
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Southend Reclaimed discovered the material treasures of this century-old mill and is making them available for your next project. Built in 1915, the Fairfax Mill produced towels and other cotton goods for the West Point Manufacturing Company. News of the groundbreaking for the mill was reported in the April 16, 1915 edition of the West Point Georgia and Lannett, Alabama News:

A new half-million dollar cotton mill is to be built in our midst at once by the West Point Manufacturing Company. The mill will embody the latest and most modern improvements known to the engineering and textile world. This new mill will mean an additional population to our vicinity of about 1,500 people and add to the annual payrolls about a quarter of a million dollars. So large an investment in our midst cannot fail to materially benefit every channel of trade in our community.

The building was constructed of local heart pine and bricks that were made from local red clay and fired on site. This wood and brick is now finding new life with Southend Reclaimed. Through our careful and tedious reclamation process, about 350,000 board feet of beams, 700,000 board feet of decking, and 1 million antique bricks from this site is now available for new construction through wholesale, or as finished flooring and beams from our mill.

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