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When air-conditioning was invented in the 1930’s, the textile industry decided to brick in the large windows that had provided a natural cooling-system to that point. By this time, brick manufacturing had evolved from the look and feel of the solid bricks that comprised the original walls of the structure. The result came to be known as “core” brick which introduced the three-hole design we still see today. This allowed the mortar to conjoin the bricks in an even more stable manner as well as reduced weight for shipping purposes.

Reclaimed core brick typically have a more homogenous color – usually deep red – and sharper edges than reclaimed solid brick. The process of reclaiming these antique treasures is difficult and tedious. We begin by carefully toppling existing walls and then – by hand – we clean the brick of the original mortar and palletize them. They then arrive to you ready to install – often with the occasional fingerprint from the person who helped make the bricks or a painted face from the original structure. The painted face can be turned in if you prefer to not have that shown on your structure – though most people love how it helps tell the reclaimed story of their antique brick.

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