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Reclaimed solid bricks are the oldest bricks available today. These antique brick – made from the very soil that the old mills were built upon – comprised the walls of the original structure; hence, they reflect the land from whence they came. As a result, reclaimed “solids” tend to be oversized and filled with color variations and other time-worn marks.

The process of reclaiming these antique treasures is difficult and tedious. We begin by carefully toppling existing walls and then – by hand – we clean the brick of the original mortar and palletize them. They then arrive to you ready to install – often with the occasional fingerprint from the person who helped make the bricks or a painted face from the original structure. The painted face can be turned in if you prefer to not have that shown on your structure – though most people love how it helps tell the reclaimed story of their antique brick.

North Carolina Solids:

North Carolina reclaimed solid brick characteristically have a gorgeous array of deep and muted reds, splashes of burnt orange, browns and blacks.  Add an oversized, sandy-faced, handmade patina and you’ve got yourself the perfect brick to help add a vintage look to any of your residential or commercial space.

South Carolina Solids:

Reclaimed solid brick from South Carolina have a unique mixture of muted reds, burnt oranges, and occasional cream colors.  This mixture of pastel and earth tones looks beautiful when displayed on your home or business.

Other Reclaimed Solids:

As mentioned above, reclaimed solids have colors and characteristics as distinct as the place from which they came. Due to our geographical location – in the Carolinas – we tend to stock mostly North and South Carolina reclaimed bricks. However, we also come across many other unique reclaimed bricks such as:


  • St. Louis Reds
  • Old Chicago’s
  • Boston Reds
  • Milwaukee Creams
  • And  Others

From Mill


To Cleaned By Hand and Palletized

To Your Home