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Southend Reclaimed is your source for authentic antique heart pine flooring at an affordable price. We offer a full line of solid plank as well as pre-finished or unfinished engineered antique heart pine flooring. The flooring that can be made from antique heart pine is simply breath-taking. The unique grain patterns and the array of rich amber and honey colors produce a truly unique and stunning floor that will last for centuries.


In addition to the practical and aesthetical elements that make antique heart pine flooring a wise decision, it's the unique story and the rarity of this historic wood that makes antique heart pine such a worthwhile investment. Antique heart pine is known as "the wood that built America", and indeed it did just that.  Unfortunately it was used to such an extent during post Civil War reconstruction and the textile boom that it is now nearly impossible to find. The only way that we can now keep "building America" with this historic wood is to go to great lengths to find it, save it, and re-use it. And that is precisely what we do - we help this rare and precious wood retain the prominence that it has always held in this country.

Indeed, antique heart pine flooring is a wise investment in more ways than one. Not only will it add beauty to a home or business, but durability, history, and rarity.


Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine Solid Plank Line:

  • Perfection Quartersawn
  • Select
  • Character
  • Classic Quartersawn
  • Original Face
  • Cottage

Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine Prefinished Engineered Line:

  • Antique Honey
  • Antique Brown