Antique Heart Pine

antique heart pine flooring

Heart Pine was once the structural back bone of Early American architecture. The superior physical properties of this slow-growing tree (taking 200 to 400 years to mature) ensured its longevity for many generations.

Our solid Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine flooring is re-milled from timbers and decking of old mills and warehouses and displays a warm, rich patina that adds distinction to any space.

  1. Perfection Quartersawnahp-perf2
  2. Classic QuartersawnClassic Quartersewn
  3. SelectReclaimed_Antique_Heart_Pine_Select
  4. Original FaceReclaimed_Antique_Heart_Pine_Distressed
  5. CharacterReclaimed_Antique_Heart_Pine_Character
  6. CottageCotB

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